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“Community Center for Development” territorial cooperation NGO (CCD)

Hasmik Azibekyan, Head

Yerevanyan 5/7

4101 Noyemberyan


Über uns

“Community Center for Development” territorial cooperation NGO (CCD) commenced its activities in Town Noyemberyan, Tavush region, Armenia since December 2002. It was initiated by a group of people concerned with the existing situation in the region; increasing level of poverty, unemployment and migration. They joined their efforts to carry out community development projects directed to the economic growth, creating job places, involving youth and women in community development activities through volunteering and investing local, state and international funding. Over the past nineteen years, CCD has established solid partnerships with local NGOs, state and international organizations, development agencies and a number of external donors. It has implemented a program of activities due to which has earned a high level of recognition as a community development organization among the key stakeholders including the government, for its visible impact in achieving its prime goal of poverty reduction and improving living conditions in rural communities. Through its projects, CCD aims at building the capacities of self-development within the communities, so as to be able to articulate and fulfill their development needs as a community in its whole, or as a certain group within one community. The success of CCD is attributable to implementation of following types of high quality and cost-effective projects which have made a tangible development impact on the living conditions of the Tavush region population, supported community social economic development by providing assistance to 3 main target groups: community based organizations, civil society, small and medium enterprises; and offering educational, consulting, research, informational and capacity development services and projects

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