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Ararat International Academy of Sciences

Dr. Agop Kerkiacharian, President; Dr. Ari Topouzkhanian, Secretary-General

P.O. Box 929

75829 Paris

+33627920467; +33134126527

Über uns

The Ararat International Academy of Sciences (French: Académie internationale des sciences Ararat) is a non-profit organization, established in 1986 by Professor Agop Kerkiacharian, recognized by various organizations including UNESCO and the United Nations. The academy aims to promote the development of Sciences, Arts and Letters, to work towards friendship between peoples, to assist cultural activities of philanthropic and scientific organizations, to contribute to a just and lasting world peace, create or contribute to the creation of cultural and scientific centres, open universities, museums, libraries and publications. The academy orgainzes various colloquiums, conferences and multidisciplinary congresses, both nationally and internationally, in France and abroad. An annual World Scientific Congress is held in collaboration with the International Higher Academic Council and the International University of Fundamental Studies.[8][9][10] Conferences are typically held in three languages, Armenian, French and English.

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