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Armenischer Kulturverein Vorarlberg

Davit Stepanyan

Bildsteinerstraße 7a/15

6858 Schwarzach


Über uns

We are pleased to announce that the Armenian Cultural Association in Vorarlberg was officially registered on 06/12/2019. We congratulate each other and wish an effective cooperation. The primary goal of our association is to preserve Armenian culture and to promote the relationship and coexistence between Armenians and Austrians. In our association we offer the opportunity to learn cultural dance, the Armenian language and history. The Armenian cultural association in Vorarlberg is entirely self-financed. The association does not receive any public funding or other grants. We depend on active members who are committed to our goals. If you would like to contribute your experience, knowledge and skills, we look forward to your membership. Any natural person can become an active member. For further questions we are happy to help you

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