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Centre for Community Mobilization and Support

Mr. Oleg Dulgaruyan, President

Sayat-Nova 14/35



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The main aims of the Center for Community Mobilization and Support NGO is to promote the development of civil society organizations, to support participatory management processes, balanced socio-economic development, support the development of cultural life in community, to contribute to the deepening of the rule of law and application therefore, to promote the application of new technologies in agricultural and non-agricultural economy , to promote youth activities and initiatives and enhanced cooperation, to support the non-formal education of citizens through seminars, trainings, development of practical skills, etc. CCMS NGO supports youth international cooperation and intercultural dialogue, subserves the environmental protection, supports the quality of services provided by the government and municipal institutions. The mission of the CCMS NGO is to support community development, civic participation and youth initiative. CCMS NGO implements different projects focused on the youth voluntary movement, non-formal education, healthy lifestyle, local self-governing bodies and advocacy, protection of the rights of children and young people, environmental protection etc.

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