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Cross of Armenian Unity NGO

36 Shahumyan Street

Etchmiadzin, Armavir

+37494045610; +37423145610

Über uns

Cross of Armenian Unity charitable cultural organization (CAU) is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit charitable cultural organization. In 1987, a group came together to provide small-scale social initiatives and care and support for orphans. And in 1991, CAU was officially registered in the newly independent Republic of Armenia, becoming one of its first NGOs. CAU has always prioritized education and culture for the younger generation and has carried out a number of educational, cultural, and social outreach programs aimed at the wellbeing of the beneficiaries and their families and the development of society. CAU aims to make children and their families participants in the process, which contributes to increasing the effectiveness of the program. In 2003, CAU adopted its current method of art education and continues to improve and expand the scope of its application. CAU focuses on the child’s personality and behavior, hoping to see not only skills in arts and crafts, but also development in becoming a responsible and informed citizen.

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