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Dr. Raffael Sporn

Internal Medicine, Cardiology & Angiology

Stadlauer Straße 62/6

1220 Wien


Über uns

The cardiologist Dr. Raffael Sporn deals with the cardiovascular system and its diseases. State-of-the-art examination methods are a matter of course in his elective ordination in Vienna. dr Sporn also works at the Hietzing Hospital in the cardiology department. Out of love for his work, he now also offers his know-how privately. From resting ECG, echocardiography, ergometry (exercise ECG), carotid duplex (ultrasound of the carotid arteries), color duplex sonography of the iliac arteries, Doppler index, surgical clearances to 24-hour long-term ECG. dr Sporn, internist and specialist in cardiology and angiology, takes enough time for each patient to clarify all questions. For a good feeling, a speedy recovery and good care

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