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Gagik Sarucanian

CEO & Founder of Sartis SRL, Honorary Consul of Armenia in Venice

Via delle Industrie, 29/H

30020 Marcon


Über uns

Sartis is a clothing Company based in Veneto that produces wearing apparel on behalf of a third party, and works with some of the most important Italian and foreign firms. The secret behind its success is that Sartis could see far beyond than its competitors, as it has moved the production to Armenia, where the Company has become a leading presence. This land indeed offers the chance to employ highly skilled workers at a cost which is much lower than the Eastern Europe. The Company can thus boast a much easier location for its branches, so that it can add to its professionalism a fast and easy transport of the items. This turns out to be a competitive and intelligent choice, allowing Sartis to become an ideal supplier for all those clothing firms looking for professionalism, quality and convenience. On the strength of its long view and professionalism, Sartis wants to widen its business and to offer its services to those firms asking for the best quality and professionalism, but still at a competitive cost.

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