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Grqaser Armenian audiobooks



Über uns

Grqaser NGO aims to preserve through the books our native Armenian language all over the world. To this end, since 2015 we have been working on creating a free online library of audiobooks in the Armenian language. Due to various reasons, many of our compatriots abroad have difficulties with reading and/or writing in the Armenian language, but often they can easily understand oral narratives. That is why our audiobooks may serve for them as the best means for preserving at least the oral Armenian language. For the people with vision impairment, the audiobooks of Grqaser provide a unique opportunity to listen to the books which they unfortunately cannot read. Audiobooks are accessible at any time: during travel, work, leisure, in the gym, or when moving to another place of residence. Our vision and objectives are to make accessible to our compatriots both in Armenia and Diaspora as many audiobooks in the Armenian language as possible. We believe that books are the irreplaceable means for preserving the language and for development of a person and shaping his/her perception of the world. Our free online library already contains many audio and digitized books that users can listen to or download in various formats free of charge. It is also possible to order a recording of any audiobook. Grqaser is continuously in contact with its users. Our initiative develops by the day, achieving new successes, attested by the ever increasing number of users from all over the world.

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