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Haïg Sarikouyoumdjian

Musician Duduk

2 Pl. du Châtelet

75004 Paris


Über uns

Born in 1985, he studied duduk in Armenia from different masters, including Araïk Bartikian (himself a pupil of Djivan Gasparyan), from whom he learned the technique of the instrument, with all its shades of timbre, and directory traditional, with all its subtleties (accuracy of intonations, ambiguities and rhythmic multiplicities, ornamental work, development of modes). Then he meets Gaguik Mouradian, master of kamancha, with whom he studies the Armenian repertoire in a more general way. Since 2009, he has been playing under his direction in the traditional ensemble Goussan. The many concerts at his side allow him to approach the spirit of this music. At the same time, he collaborates under the direction of Jordi Savall on various projects including Istanbul, Mare Nostrum, the Cathare tragedy and Spirit of Armenia. Gradually, his research on the tone of the duduk led him to take an interest in violin making. He then learned to make his own reeds from the master Ashot Martirosyan and then studied the art of filming and tuning in the MeyerRecorders workshop with the master Ernst Meyer and his two sons, renowned manufacturers of baroque recorders. Today, he manufactures his own instruments and continues his research work from mastering the entire sound production chain, from duduk making to interpretation. Finally, he leads a solo career and performs in particular at the Théâtre de la Ville since 2018.

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