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Hayagitaran Armenia

Adonts Avenue 15, Apt. 48

0014 Yerevan


Über uns

Dear compatriots, it is no secret that many of us do not know well or are not even aware of the history of our homeland, the important milestones of the Armenian people's journey, even the fortunate episodes of our history, the inexcusable values ​​created by Armenians in our cradle - the Armenian Highlands, Armenian contributions to world civilization, etc. At the current stage of globalization, the identity, language, and culture of many, many small nations, including ours, are at risk... False values ​​and "cultures" are pouring in unhindered like a flood from TV screens, mass media, and recently social networks. our homes, endangering the Armenian ethnic existence. Against all this, there is no kind of ban and control, that is, state policy, and it is really difficult to face the current geopolitical challenges individually. Convinced that in the current situation only patriotism will help to resist all ideological disasters, we decided to start an intellectual resistance movement in order to fight for the preservation of our identity as much as possible. With our modest means, we will try to help enrich your knowledge of the Armenian Plateau, Armenian historical geography, cultural heritage, traditions, especially our unique mother tongue and other national values, introduce you to the life and activities of prominent Armenian individuals, etc. Every young man must realize that he is not only a haikazu, but also an arori, that is, we are a chosen people and we have a mission...

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