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Jraghatspanyan Winery

Artashes Jraghatspanyan

Bambakashat Street. 20, h. 2

0920 Bambakashat


Über uns

In Armenia, the cradle of viticulture and winemaking, 6100-year-old traditions are passed down from generation to generation, reaching our days. Having moved from Western Armenia to the Blur district of the historical capital of Armavir, famous for its ancient winemaking traditions, our ancestors planted vineyards, in 1890s built underground cellar and produced their own wine, passing on traditions to generations.Having winemaking traditions inherited from ancestors, a winemaking facility and an underground cellar, the process of making wine and combining it with food has always been an integral part of the daily life of the Jraghatspanyan family. Jraghatspanyan wines are created from a combination of sunny grape, traditional processing methods and inherited traditions. The combination of grapes harvested in the traditional atmosphere of songs and dances, passionate processing, detailed control of the fermentation process and harmonious maturation, every drop of Jragatspanyan wine is born.

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