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Karas Wines

Eduardo Eurnekian, Founder; Juliana Del Aguila Eurnekian, Owner & President

Arevadasht village

1012 Armavir


Über uns

The Tierras de Armenia CJSC wine estate was founded in 2003. This area is incredibly favorable for grape cultivation, as it lies in the western part of the Ararat Plain, resting between the three principal mountains of Armenia: Ararat (the symbol of Armenia and a source of pride for the entire nation), Aragats (the highest mountain in the country at 4,090 meters), and Mount Ara. By the way, Mount Aragats is sometimes referred to as «the volcano that flipped its lid» (quite literally, actually: once during an eruption, the peak of the volcano blew off, and now you can see the aftermath in its flattened top). The estate produces wine under the Karas Wines brand, which stands for yet another layer of the Armenian legacy as a symbol of its winemaking traditions. A «karas» is in fact an ancient clay vessel, traditionally used in Armenia to make wine. However, despite its signature name, the estate does not use this method in production, opting instead for modern technologies. The company has everything needed to make world-class quality wines, where karas plays the role of a symbol expressing the link between the culture and traditions of this land with modern times, the results of which are worthy of their ancestors’ respect.

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