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Old Bridge Winery, Bed & Breakfast

Armen & Ashkhen Khalatyan, Owners

Yerevanyan hwy. 1

3601 Yeghegnadzor

+3749380240; +37455098799

Über uns

When we first visited the region of Yeghegnadzor, where we had decided to found our vineyards there was only a mountainous deserted area which had never been cultivated before. It was rather hard to imagine and believe that one can create a fruitful vineyard there. Now, looking back after nearly 20 years of hard work, it's with an enormous pride that we look at our well cultivated vineyards which pass an inspection even from the demanding eye of our father. We started as a family business in 1998, where everybody knows the importance of his or her role. We established our own vineyards, took small steps forward, trying to act creatively paying attention to every detail, quality and dedication. Wine production has taught us, both the young and the older generations, to work hard and work together to enjoy the pleasure of the outcome, to listen to each other, respect each other's opinions and generate an immense gratitude and love towards our homeland. With a deep respect for the traditions and the willingness to learn, we try to combine the old winemaking traditions that each inhabitant of Yeghegnadzor has inherited genetically from his ancestors, with the best available winemaking techniques and wine culture.

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