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Projekt AMA Bau Bauunternehmen - Building Construction

Samvel Aleksanjan

Ared Straße 34/C8

2551 Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn


Über uns

Welcome to The Lash and Beauty Room Studios! Our eyelash studio was founded with the aim of creating a unique experience for our customers. Since our opening on April 1st, 2023, we have grown into a popular and highly regarded studio. In our luxurious and stylish studio we offer a variety of eyelash treatments including classic 1D (1:1) technique, light volume eyelashes, Hollywood technique, Russian volume eyelashes, hybrid volume technique, mega volume eyelashes as well as eyelash lifting and brow lifting. Our facility boasts a relaxed and welcoming space where our customers can feel comfortable and unwind. We attach great importance to personal care and only use high-quality products and materials for our treatments. We are proud that many of our customers come to us regularly because they are enthusiastic about our professional work, the pleasant atmosphere and our excellent service. Visit us at The Lash and Beauty Room Studios and experience eyelash treatments at the highest level. We look forward to offering you an unforgettable beauty experience!

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