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Andranik Yeritsyan

Florian-Berndl-Gasse 20

1220 Wien


Über uns

Many say that we have the best ribs in our beach café on the Old Danube. We do not want to contradict that. After all, our Ripperln are known throughout Vienna and far beyond the country's borders. Nowhere else can they be found in this unique combination of tender Austrian meat, balanced seasoning and perfect crust. As a traditional Viennese company, we are committed to the highest quality. The pork comes from Styrian suppliers, which is grilled crispy over high heat on our new grill system. They are served with crispy fried potatoes and our legendary house sauces "Red and White". The Strandcafe and its ribs – the two simply belong together. And yet they are just one of many grilled dishes on our menu. Which one tastes best to you? Taste your way through!

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