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Sukljian Trading & Marketing Co.

Al Bayader Industrial, Al-Sina'eyah, Bayader Wadi Al-Seer



Über uns

At Sukljian Trading & Marketing Company (STMC), our growth and market presence stem from a blend of industry expertise, cutting-edge marketing strategies, and streamlined operational efficiency. Today, we stand as a key player in FMCG distribution. With each of our brands reflecting our commitment to quality, value, and an uncompromising dedication to meeting the dynamic needs of our customers. Incorporating a blend of family-led values and professional rigour, STMC carries forward a legacy etched in reliability and dedication. We stand committed to delivering value, not just to our customers, but to all our partners and stakeholders. Our reputation is our testament - one that speaks of our unwavering commitment to a long-term and sustainable outlook.

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