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The Future Armenian

Artak Apitonian, Executive Director

3 Hakob Hakobyan Street

0033 Yerevan


Über uns

The FUTURE ARMENIAN is a public initiative launched by Armenians from around the world. In these times of great uncertainty and urgent challenges, this initiative seeks to foster a dialogue that would lead to a mutual understanding and a future vision for Armenia and Armenians. Given our long history of survival and revival, we bear a collective responsibility to envision the future of our nation and the path that would successfully lead us there. Considering the urgency of our challenges, we must do so now. Since May 2021 The FUTURE ARMENIAN initiative has been able to assemble more than 110 000 signatories from around the world. They represent a segment of the global Armenian population (in Armenia and beyond) that self selectively agrees to engage in activities that aspire to secure Armenia’s future collectively through concentration on the 15 Goals. These signatories are what makes the Initiative exist, develop, and thrive. More than 70 online and offline discussions and debates have been occurred since the launch of the initiative. In the coming months The FUTURE ARMENIAN initiatives will continue public and closed discussions to raise awareness and provide the opportunity to engage wider audiences and supporters.

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