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Varja Consulting

Varouj L. Jamgossian

P.O. Box 8423

12213 Olayah, Riyadh

+37493954710, +966504218564

Über uns

Varja Consulting is a management consultancy firm addressing mainly small and medium size companies that aim to restructure their organization or expand their activities by opening new branches and factories, beside many other services such as: Strategy formulation, brand identity redefinition and corporate guidelines establishment; Development of general policies, procedures, job descriptions, performance monitoring, evaluation tools, compensations plans, reporting systems and KPIs for M&S, Operations and Administration teams; Development of marketing intelligence and forecasting tools, feasibility studies, company’s & competition SWOT analysis and market researches; Preparation and production of corporate internal and external communication documentations and tools (brochures, catalogs, leaflets, PQ Files, presentations, advertisements, CRM programs and metrics); Digitalization of routine operational procedures; Soft and hard skills development trainings for senior executives. Another line of Varja Consulting is the alignment of foreign companies willing to enter the Saudi market with local potential sponsors and/or investors, as well as orienting them in the practical aspects of consolidating their operations in the Kingdom. All these are done through a close collaboration with the respective trade delegations of the foreign embassies in Riyadh.

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