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Verein Armenisch-Deutscher Mediziner in Deutschland e.V. - VADM

Srbuhi Martirosyan, President; Alina Hildebrand, Vice President

Linienstraße 126

10115 Berlin

+4917657091144, +493083033416

Über uns

The Association of Armenian-German Doctors in Germany (VADM for short) was founded in 1990 and entered into the association register by the Frankfurt am Main District Court in 1991. The association was originally called “Association of Armenian Doctors in Germany e.V.” (VAM). Since more and more German colleagues wanted to become members of our association and participate in our activities, it was appropriate to adapt its name and in 2018 it was renamed the “Association of Armenian-German Doctors in Germany e.V.” (VADM). The association is now based in Berlin.

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