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"HORIZON-95" LLC Building company

Aida Khachaturyan

99, Buzand Street

0002 Yerevan


À propos de nous

The construction company "Horizon-95", having highly qualified personnel which provides organizational and administrative management of the production process, occupies a deserving place in Armenia as one of the leading construction organizations. The company has three highly equipped production facilities covering 50,000, 20,000 and 17,000 square meters, a research laboratory and two administrative offices. The company "Horizon-95" is equipped with modern machines and mechanisms, equipment and construction tools of European and Russian production. “Horizon-95", for the first time in the region, carried out concrete work using post-stress technology. As well, as the development of architectural concrete compositions and technologies, the development of “light” concrete with mixed aggregates. The company “Horizon-95", with its production facilities, introducing and applying new technologies, actively participates in the construction of state buildings and structures for special purposes. For more than 30 years, “Horizon-95”, as a reliable partner, has been cooperating with manufacturers and suppliers of leading Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazakh, European, American, Chinese, Japanese and local companies, which makes it possible to use high-quality and latest materials and technologies in construction. Properly organized activities, compliance with ISO standards, highly qualified personnel, extensive experience and production capacity enable the company “Horizon-95", as a reliable partner, to establish long-term cooperation with customers. Founder and President of the construction company "Horizon-95“ Doctor of Technical Sciences, Full Professor Mr. Gagik GALSTYAN Mr. Galstyan is the Chairman of the Builders Union of Armenia and a Honorary Member of the Union of Architects of the RA In 2019, the President of the Republic of Armenia awarded Mr. Galstyan the title of "Honored Builder of the RA“ Maecenas of the Armenian Apostolic Church Company activities: Integrated architectural and structural design Design Capital construction Reconstruction and restoration Installation of engineering systems and equipment Improvement works Assembling and installation of electrical equipment Research and experimental laboratory for construction materials testing, quality control, development and introduction of new technologies Concrete production Small equipment site Formwork assembly, maintenance, repair and storage site Mechanical and metalworking site Woodworking: production of doors, windows, furniture Parking for vehicles, cranes and construction machinery Repair site

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