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Antranik Youth Association Lebanon

Vicken Tchertchian, Chairman of the Executive Committee

AGBU-Demirdjian Center, Naccash, Near Spinneys



À propos de nous

The Armenian Youth Association (AYA) (Հայ Երիտասարդաց Ընկերակցութիւն) known as the Antranik Youth Association (in Lebanon) was established in Beirut in 1931. Falling under AGBU’s umbrella, AYA is AGBU’s youth affiliation. AYA’s main objective is to preserve and promote the Armenian identity and to foster brotherhood and mutual understanding among various Lebanese and Armenian youth associations and groups. To realize these aims, AYA undertakes various athletic, scouting, social, and cultural activities in Beirut, Zahle,  Antelias, Sin El Fil, and Bourj Hammoud. 

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