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Apaven International Freight Forwarding Company

Arsen Ghazaryan, General Director

Araratyan Street 95



À propos de nous

“APAVEN” company was established in 1993 and is almost the peer of the Republic of Armenia. The establishment and development of the company were proceeding hand in hand with the establishment of the republic and, sometimes, indicated the development level of the latter. The company was established with the aim of organizing delivery of humanitarian freight to Armenia. At the beginning of its operation the company had to come across with a number of difficulties: low-quality communication lines with neighbor countries, scant telecommunication means, underdeveloped customs service and lack of specialists in that area. However, all of that was balanced out by the eagerness to help the country and by the company founders’ personal relations in neighbor countries, particularly in Georgia. The further development of the company proceeded on the principle of “trials and mistakes”, eventually resulting in discovery of the most optimal solutions in the area of cargo transportation that would be applicable to the Armenian reality. Currently, “APAVEN” is a big Freight Forwarding company, having its network of offices abroad, complete and advanced technical equipment, and a huge client and partner base.

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