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Armenia Peace Initiative (API)

Vighen Papazian, President; Taline Papazian, Executive Director

7, Rue de Castellane

75008 Paris

À propos de nous

Since its creation, API has already given life to several transformative and sustainable projects. In 2020, we had to opt for emergency actions due to the 44-day war in Armenia and Artsakh. Our care turned first to the women and children left alone and to the soldiers who had returned wounded. For thousands of veterans, finding means to a new life is crucial. We have worked on this in 2021, and we will continue to do so. To the Armenian society as a whole, the means to a more secure life in their country are more necessary than ever to secure their future in the region. Ambitious and determined, Armenia Peace Initiative continues to embark on new programmes to stabilise the situation in the region, to facilitate the professional reintegration of war-affected youth, to facilitate the dissemination of high-tech know-how, to support research and innovation, and to inform and educate all audiences. To this end, API proposes that everyone becomes an actor for peace.

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