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Armenian Apostolic Church of Surp Kevork

Tourist Street № 2

4000 Tsentar, Plovdiv


À propos de nous

Surp Kevork Church was originally an Eastern Orthodox Church, dedicated to St. George the Victorious. In 1767 the church was ceded to the Plovdiv Armenian Diocese. This is the only church with side compartments besides the central nave: one for women and another for men. Next to the church was built a chapel. After several reconstructions the church got its present outlook. The church complex, the House of Culture, the School "Victoria and Krikor Tyutyunzhian", the Community center Krasirats that are located on the same property at the foot of the hill Nebet Tepe represent a center of religious, educational and cultural life of Armenians in the city both in the past and today, which fits naturally into the citywide diverse life.

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