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Armenian Caritas Benevolent NGO

Anahit Gevorgyan

8, H.Sargsyan St., sidestreet 3

31010 Gyumri


À propos de nous

“Armenian Caritas” was founded in 1995 by the Armenian Catholic Church with the extensive support from the Catholic Relief Services. “Armenian Caritas,” which has ‘Benevolent NGO status,’ focuses its domestic efforts on social protection and care, community-based development programs to improve the living and educational conditions, to improve public health to the most vulnerable social groups, migration and integration to implement sustainable reintegration measures for returnees and humanitarian and development activities. Since the beginning of its work, “Armenian Caritas” has provided direct assistance to thousands of people in 125 communities of Armenia. “Serve different vulnerable groups with love and compassion, respecting the dignity of each individual:” this is the mission which leads “Armenian Caritas.” The vision of “Armenian Caritas” is to be a strong and significant role player in consolidation of social justice and social protection in the Republic of Armenia

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