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Armenian Health Care Association of the Bay Area (AHABA)

Lori Panossian, President; Jerry Manoukian, Vice President

3722 Mohr Avenue

94588-2677 Pleasanton, CA


À propos de nous

The Armenian Health Care Association of the Bay Area (AHABA) is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization led by Armenian-American physicians and other healthcare professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Since 1999, these dedicated caregivers have planned, fundraised and carried out medical projects to improve the health, lives and healthcare system of the people of Armenia. Examples of the kind of impact that AHABA has had can be found on the PROJECTS page. AHABA also provides grants to worthy local healthcare entities in Armenia. All of AHABA’s medical projects are possible due to the unwavering generosity of the Armenian people living in the Bay Area and beyond. AHABA’s Board works hard to assure that those donations do as much good as possible by uncovering donated supplies or purchasing materials at deep discounts through their robust professional networks. AHABA also promotes the use of matching funds through employer programs that can sometimes double or even triple the generous gifts that Armenians and others make to the Armenian Health Care Association of the Bay Area.

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