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Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra (ANPO)

Maestro Eduard Topchjan, Conductor

46 Mashtots Avenue

0002 Yerevan

+37411540706; +37477677226

À propos de nous

The Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in March, 1925 as a symphony orchestra of the Yerevan Conservatory, later serving as a basis for all symphonic orchestras of Armenia. The founder and first conductor of ANPO was the Rector of Conservatory Arshak Adamyan, with participation and support of the renowned composer Alexander Spendiarian. Currently, the ANPO is a national center of professional orchestral music in Armenia. Since the year 2000, the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra is led by Maestro Eduard Topchjan and is committed to promoting cultural and musical awareness among the local audience by performing regular concerts of classical and operatic music, in addition to national and contemporary music.

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