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Armgar Prod Ltd.

Karen Avetisyan, Director

5, Sahmanapahneri Street

0607 Ararat

+37493432969; +37423440204

À propos de nous

Armenia is an ancient land known to the world not only with its rich history and beautiful nature, but also with the unique taste and useful properties of fruits, berries and vegetables growing in its warm sun. “ARMGAR PROD” cannery is located in the very heart of Ararat plain, which is the main agricultural region in Armenia. The development history of "ARMGAR PROD" company goes back to 2014. Now it is considered one of the best food processing factories with a wide range of products, where 100% ecologically clean products are produced. Canned foods are made from fresh and high-quality raw materials, which do not contain antiseptics, preservatives, artificial colorings and flavorings. Sterilization is performed in autoclaves. Apart from canned food prepared by traditional recipes, our specialists have also created new products with unique tastes. Part of the plant's production, according to folk medicine, is recommended to be used as a remedy to a number of diseases (diabetes, stomach diseases, etc.).

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