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Association for the Research and the Archiving of Armenian Memory (ARAM)

Jacques Ouloussian, President

8, bis Place Pelabon

13013 Marseille


À propos de nous

The Association for the Research and the Archiving of Armenian Memory (ARAM) is registered at the Prefecture of Bouches-du-Rhône (NPO) and has a board of 10 members who decide and lead the mission of the association. ARAM collects, archives and stores documents, books, maps, papers, testimonies, photographs and, in general, all the elements relating to Armenia, Armenians before the genocide of 1915 and the first Ottoman massacres in 1895 and 1909, the genocide of the Armenians perpetrated by the “Young Turks” Government from 1915, to the history and culture of the Armenian diaspora formed after the Genocide, especially in France and Europe. The objective of the ARAM association is to safeguard and enhance the maximum number of documents contained in its holdings in order to allow as many people as possible to consult them, particularly through digital tools. This is a long-term effort that we strive to accomplish in the best conditions. Since 2010, the association has embarked on a long digitization process of its documentary collection. To this end, the association calls on the expertise of the International Center for Book Conservation (Arles – France). In 2012, we established contacts with various organizations to coordinate and strengthen our work. In this sense, collaborations with the BNF (French National Biblio), the Matenadaran and the National Archives of Armenia are formalized with scientific agreements. Through the gradual putting into line of this fund, the influence of the association is all the more developed.

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