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Colectividad Armenia de Cordoba

Lilian Balian, President

Armenia 2080

5000 Pueyrredón, Córdoba


À propos de nous

In 1920, approximately 230 people of Armenian origin lived in the city of Córdoba. They met at the headquarters of the Armenian General Benevolent Union at 44 San Jerónimo Street. At the initiative of Messrs. Juan Krallian, Krikor Eramian, Sarkis Avakian, Samuel Vartanian, and Hagop Margarian, the first formal call was held at Mr. Yamgochian's house located at 626 Rivadavia Street, with the presence of 60 people. At this meeting, a steering committee and 3 subcommittees were elected: Center, Barrio San Martín and Barrio Inglés. The purpose was the creation of the Church and the School. The first mass was made official at the Jachadur Simonian warehouse, with the presence of Father Bagdasar Barasatián, who arrived from Buenos Aires.

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