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Harrmik Manaserian

Khaghagh Don 1/5

0088 Yerevan


À propos de nous

Our mission Do work that matters – Build up a big business family network and connect our people in Armenia and abroad The first panarmenian business platform, where you can find your compatriots in your city or elsewhere and learn more about what they do. Keyword Targeting Enter the keywords you want to target…For example “taxi” and you will get the list of Armenian taxi drivers all over the world. Geographical Targeting Select the required location and give the appropriate keywords. For example “Italy Architecture”- and you will get the list of all Armenian architects in Italy. Interest Targeting If you are looking for Armenian business partners, you can introduce your business to users whose interests are in line with your own, by searching with right keywords. Be a part of the big Armenian business family - let them know about your work and collaborate with creative and curious Armenians across the globe. Our Company “Harmik Motors LLC” was founded in 2012 in Yerevan ARMENIA. We have specialized in grinding of engine details as well as in the production and sale of grinding machines. The company’s mission is to deliver quality products and services and create a strong foundation for mutually beneficial cooperation with partners and customers. comes to replenish the aim to connect Armenian craftsmen and artists with Armenian businessmen all over the world

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