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Foundation of Culture and Heritage of Polish Armenians

Świętojerska 12

00-236 Warsaw


À propos de nous

The guiding principle of the Foundation is that the Armenians were and are an important part of the history and culture of Poland. The subject of the Foundation’s interest are armenicas, which are related to the Polish Armenians. These are printed matter, old prints, manuscripts, photographs, liturgical vestments, liturgical vessels, paintings, equipment and souvenirs. We preserve and record these armenica items, as well as digitize photos and documents. We identify old photos and collect them, i.e. accept them as a deposit or accept them as gifts. The Foundation has developed extensive educational, research, conservation and popularizing activities. The reason for establishing the Foundation was the urgent need to take care of neglected collections from the area of the former nine Armenian Catholic parishes in the Borderlands (Kresy) and scattered family archives. In order to make the collections available, the Virtual Archive of Polish Armenians Wirtualne Archiwum Polskich Ormian (WAPO)was created. Thanks to the courtesy of the Supreme Directorate of State Archives, the Foundation uses the Integrated Archive Information System (ZoSIA) and internet website, where we publish inventories and digital copies of archival materials.

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