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John and Hasmik Mgrdichian Foundation (JHM)

Lysa Grigorian, President/Director

9701 Wilshire Blvd #1106

90212 Beverly Hills, CA


À propos de nous

The JHM Foundation (also known as the John and Hasmik Mgrdichian Foundation) was established by their namesake to create a lasting, private, self-funded legacy to support the domestic and international Armenian community as well as Los Angeles organizations. John and Hasmik Mgrdichian were first generation children of Armenian Genocide survivors who were both self-made, self-reliant entrepreneurs. They believed strongly in creating individual dependence through education and job creation. The goals of the organizations who receive funding from the JHM Foundation should be consistent with JHM’s objectives and should demonstrate that they have developed a clear pathway to achieving outstanding results in a sustainable manner. Whether it is a small project or a well-established organization, JHM views its association with its recipients as collaborative partnerships to enable the building of productive relationships with such organizations, its governing board, and its staff.  The partnerships that JHM form are intended to create platforms to provide he tools for individuals used as a means of enabling and sustaining their growth through education, technical training, cultural enrichment, and medical intervention. 

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