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Kerkonian Dajani LLP

Karnig Kerkonian & Elizabeth Al-Dajani

1555 Sherman Avenue, Suite 344

60201 Evanston, IL


À propos de nous

Our law firm was founded by Karnig Kerkonian and Elizabeth Al-Dajani, who together share over 40 years of experience. Since its founding only eight years ago, our firm has litigated over 90 state, federal and international cases and represented over 130 businesses in their corporate work. Our work spans four continents and multiple jurisdictions, and our growth is targeted at constantly delivering our attentive and powerful lawyering to individuals and businesses doing amazing things. In 2018, we welcomed a retired federal judge to join our firm and, in 2021, we proudly expanded the firm to California with a trial partner who has handled high-profile and complex criminal and fraud matters.

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