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Kunst & Kultur

Peter Schneyder

Kegelgase 14

1030 Wien


À propos de nous

The task of our association, founded in 1993, is to support and enable artistic and cultural projects on the basis of private initiative. In the past decades and to this day, a wide variety of accents have been and are being set in order to point out something special with appropriate activities, even away from established offers, to show new ways or to revitalize the respective cultural environment - our spiritual and spiritual homeland. We want to provide information about the work done so far and gradually make different archive holdings accessible. Not out of nostalgia, but to show and motivate, also to justify our actions and as a suggestion to deal with less (more) established facets of cultural life on our own initiative and perhaps even to undertake corresponding activities ourselves. We invite you to deal with the sometimes-controversial aspects presented in the regularly published online culture journal POSITIONEN and to use the opportunity for an argumentative discussion of the respective matter. For this purpose, the respective FORUM is available as a discussion platform for the theoretical and practical topics from the areas of art and culture. Only active thinking and acting moves us forward. Especially when it comes to art and culture. That is our message and request to you and you!

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