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Lana Rich Fashion Accessories & Clothes

Svetlana Hairapetjan

Johannagasse 19/1

1050 Wien


À propos de nous

The luxurious world of LANA RICH FASHION is a world of exclusive designer jewellery. Each of these accessories allows a woman not only to radically change her image, but also to increase her mood and self-esteem. Various accessories that magically transform her appearance help a woman look stylish and fashionable. Jewelry is an absolute must these days! And this means that he must be in the wardrobe of every woman who is used to considering herself a true woman. Accessories will always be in fashion, because fashion is primarily the detail. Stylish and modern collections of LANA RICH FASHION accessories for girls and women, elegant, light, fully in harmony with the owner's inner world, this mood, this is the aura of beauty, this is the whole philosophy of the wardrobe. A woman in the style of LANA RICH FASHION is a feminine, strong and gentle, dreamy realist who always and everywhere tries to find perfect harmony

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