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Mer Doon

Tigranuhi Karapetyan, President

Zoravar Andraniki Street 13

Etchmiadzin, Armavir


À propos de nous

“Mer doon” NGO was founded in 2005 by Tigranuhi Karapetyan and late Julie Ashekian. Our mission is to help orphaned and disadvantaged young women in Armenia break the cycle of dependency by providing education, job and vocational training, and a loving home environment. Our program saves girls (ages 18-24) from a life on the streets, as victims of poverty, neglect, prostitution, and trafficking by teaching leadership skills and self-sufficiency. Mer Doon is the only organization in Armenia today that provides a home for girls who have aged out of the orphanage system and have nowhere to go. Mer Doon understands that orphaned and disadvantaged girls in Armenia are vulnerable to trafficking and abuse. They need to be taught strength, self-awareness, and confidence. We provide a solid academic education as well as ongoing and comprehensive job and life skills training to prepare our residents to live safe and successful lives as independent women. The organization also serves as a day care center for disadvantaged and vulnerable families and orphaned girls.  It organizes various groups, courses and master classes for them. Since 2006, the program has helped more than 70 girls (overnight) who received higher and secondary vocational education, got a job, got married (giving the girls an opportunity to become full members of society, accomplished and honest citizens ). For many of the girls, "Mer doon" is the first and only family they ever had.

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