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Vahe Melkonian, Manager

Wagramer Straße 195

1210 Wien


À propos de nous

Welcome to our world of car cleaning, where we have perfected the art of cleaning and caring for vehicles. Our passion for flawless cars knows no bounds, and we take pride in offering you a wide range of services, including hand wash, interior cleaning, exterior cleaning, window cleaning, and wheel cleaning. Our hand wash techniques are like a hug for your car - gentle, caring, and effective. We only use the finest cleaning products and ensure that every inch of your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned without damaging its delicate surface. The resulting shine will leave you delighted. Interior cleaning is our specialty. We use special cleaning agents and techniques to clean and disinfect your seats, carpets, dashboards, and other interior surfaces. We remove stains and odors that have accumulated over time, leaving behind a fresh and clean interior.

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