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Noyan Vaz LLC Givany Wines

Harutyunyan, Founder

Raffu St., 5 Building

0623 Pokr Vedi Village

+37494572094; +37433572094

À propos de nous

The history of viticulture in Haroutyun's family and Armenia, in general, is best described as follows: viticulture is love, parental gentleness that is passed on to generations. This is a love story. You can use plants to transfer parental warmth, sweetness, love, and history only if the community perceives grapes and wine as culture and part of identity. Noyan Vaz” LLC, renowned for its “Givany” Wines, embarked on its remarkable journey into the world of commercial wine production in 2011 in Pokr Vedi village of Ararat region. Debuting with only 6 tons of grape processing capacity, the company reached its peak of 30 tons of production in 2019. Their impressive lineup of 7 distinct wine varieties has left an indelible mark, captivating the hearts of wine enthusiasts far and wide.

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