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Oasis High Art

50 Khanjyan Street

0025 Yerevan


À propos de nous

Oasis High Art is more than a mere platform if not a vivid patchwork of artistic expression. Our project is a tribute to the infinite possibilities for creativity - a dais where artists and art buffs come together to celebrate the splendor of the human imagination. We showcase a diverse collection of unique copyrighted handcrafted art that transcends borders and cultures. Our vision is to become an art core, a virtual oasis where cultures merge and creativity knows no boundaries. We have created a domain for everyone to experience the transformative power of art, explore new horizons, and learn about the stories and perspectives of talented creators from around the world. Our mission is straightforward: to bridge the gap between artists and art lovers creating a community where artistic diversity thrives. We empower artists through a platform to showcase their art and enrich the lives of art aficionados offering access to carefully selected exceptional works of art. Through this mission, we hope to inspire, educate, and develop art lovers to have a deeper respect for art.

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