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Mag. Michael Sterrer-Schneyder

Kegelgasse 14/12a

1030 Wien

+436504956417; +4317187292

À propos de nous

PANCOM was founded in 1979 as PAN Verlag GmbH. Sound recordings were initially the main business area (approx. 120 productions, 80 of which were titles under the company's own label). From 1988, the field of competence was expanded in the direction of film production. As a result, the intensive work with interactive, EDP-supported applications was in the foreground. Even then, the central field of communication logistics was recognized as essential for actually user-oriented solutions and developed independently. Interactivity and interoperability of different functions and modules were just as obvious requirements as the most consistent possible activation of synergy potential. A wide range of collaborations demanded and promoted the ability to find solutions to ever new challenges and were also formative for the broadest possible view of the respective task. From 1997 we began to develop independent solutions for workflow management and information-oriented databases, whereby our partners specifically took up and supported our approaches for optimizing organizational processes. On the other hand, at the beginning of the 2000s, the targeted commitment in the field of digital/multimedia art and culture mediation started with a clear focus on the creation of scientifically based 3D reconstructions. Building on this wide-ranging know-how from 40 years now and with the involvement of a young, motivated team, the conceptual, technical and personal foundations of the areas of competence and product lines that have been created to date have finally been laid in recent years.

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