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Society for Armenian Studies (SAS)

Christina Maranci, President; Flora Ghazaryan, Executive Secretary

c/o Armenian Studies Program, 5245 N. Backer Ave PB4

93740-8001 Fresno, CA

À propos de nous

The Society for Armenian Studies was founded in 1974 by a group of scholars from the universities of California, Columbia and Harvard on the initiative of Richard G. Hovannisian, Dickran Kouymjian, Nina Garsoian, Avedis Sanjian, and Robert Thomson. It is dedicated to the development of Armenian Studies as an academic discipline. The aims of the Society for Armenian Studies are to promote the study of Armenian culture and society, including history, language, literature, and social, political, and economic questions; to facilitate the exchange of scholarly information pertaining to Armenian studies around the world; and to sponsor panels and conferences on Armenian studies.

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