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Technological Education Foundation

Levon Tadevosyan

Hakob Hakobyan 3

0033 Yerevan


À propos de nous

Technological Education Foundation is a non-profit organisation created by the Armenian Code Academy in 2022. The Foundation aims to provide equal opportunities for the regional youth to study and develop as tech professionals. We work on 4 different directions: 1.Education for Regions - Internships, educational programs should be implemented in the regions. E-learning toolkits as well as necessary resources should be provided to the bordering regions. 2. Education for Marginalised Groups - Educational projects which are done for marginalized communities, different groups, people with disabilities. Projects that are targeted towards capacity building for women. 3. Community Building for Regions - Regional meet-ups, conferences and workshops should be organised which will be directed towards community building and development. 4. Diaspora and Regional Youth - Building Bridges - Campaign that is directed towards involving the members of the diaspora into the developement of tech education in the Regions. Mentorship, online meetups, online programs etc.

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