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World Armenian Youth Network (WostAYN)

Atom Mkhitaryan, Founder & Chairman

Mesrop Mashtots Ave. 4, 1/1



À propos de nous

World Armenian Youth Network (WostAYN) was founded in 2006 as an international youth NGO and registered in Armenia. WostAYN unites 32 national and local youth organisations from 20 countries and has the potential of promoting the values of a good and productive citizenship among young people directly and via member organizations. Democratic citizenship can grow if it is supported therefore we would like to motivate youth to become actively involved in the life of community by providing young people with a platform where they could develop and showcase their skills, knowledge and attitudes. The headquarter situated in Yerevan, Armenia, WostAYN has adopted a mission to enhance the role of youth organisations representing Diaspora in their communities, bringing together the youth around the idea of national identity and national values.

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