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World Language Center (WLC) - Interpreter and translator for Armenian, Russian and German

Mikayel Minasyan

Linienstrasse 126

10115 Berlin


À propos de nous

The World Language Center (WLC) is a company for the professional solutions of your language communication tasks. The communicative misunderstandings with your suppliers or customers are often due to the incompetent language mediation in the respective industry. Due to the lack of knowledge or experience in verbal language mediation, i.e. in the interpreting industry, sometimes a hearing, conference, meeting etc. becomes a disaster. Poorly translated specialist literature can also have a negative impact on the individual characteristics of a business or the entire business or even ruin it. Therefore, we arranged an experienced team of translators and interpreters with professional and linguistic skills and additionally worked out a system of editorial processing, which guarantees a stylistically and grammatically correct delivery of the translations you commissioned, professionally and on time. So that you can avoid the effect of the "Babel Tower" building, our team of highly qualified interpreters and translators from different industries offers its services. Most of our native-speaking interpreters and translators are state-certified and involved in various areas of culture, business, politics, science and the leisure industry

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