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Österreichisch-Armenische Kulturgesellschaft (ÖAK)

Dr. Hamparsum Hartunian

Kolonitzgasse 11



Մեր մասին

The purpose of the association is: 1) The maintenance of Armenian culture 2) The founding of an archive 3) The publication of a magazine 4) The care of the Armenians in Austria a) through social measures b) through the representation of their economic interests 5) The perception and Promotion of those concerns that require joint advice or action, through targeted cooperation with other organizations and offices. 6) Establishing and maintaining relationships with Armenian organizations at home and abroad for the purpose of cultural cooperation. 7) To make the Austrian culture and history known to the Armenians and to confront the Armenians with Austrian questions. 8) To make Armenian culture and history known in Austria and to confront Austrians with Armenian issues

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