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Armenia Hearing Aid Project (AHAP)

478 W Colorado Street

91204 Glendale, CA

+18186062880; +18184589575

Մեր մասին

The Armenia Hearing Aid Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to “give the gift of hearing” to auditory impaired war heroes, injured soldiers, children, and elderly. Through its ongoing efforts to raise awareness and funds to provide sustainable, state of the art hearing healthcare in Armenia and Artsakh, with the collaboration of Starkey Hearing Foundation, the Armenia Hearing Aid Project has helped thousands with such impediment reach their fullest potential. Since 2017, under the direction of founders Armen and Heidi Kavoukjian, ongoing missions in several regions of Armenia and Artsakh, have brought hundreds of international audiologists, technicians, and volunteers from all over the world to provide aid to the Armenian people, while the stationary teams in Armenia provide constant support, maintenance and aftercare services year round . The organization’s continued commitment to serve its people and bless them with the gift of hearing is made possible with the generous efforts of sponsors and patrons who believe in the project’s transparent and meticulous operations. Through fundraising charity events, the Armenia Hearing Aid Project is able to sustain its objectives, amplify its existence, expand its horizons, and deliver innovative digital technology to the motherland and those in dire need. ​

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