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Armenische Gemeinde im Ruhrgebiet e.V.

Serope Odabasyan, President

Schlägelstr. 67

46045 Oberhausen


Մեր մասին

We are a vibrant community. Our doors are open to all Armenian Apostolic Christians from the Ruhr area as well as to long-time friends of the community, as well as to people from our surroundings who would like to get to know us. The center of our community is our faith, which finds expression in the Sunday service, but also in a wide variety of activities and projects for all age groups. As a diaspora community, we have a spiritual home in our parish, a unique community where people come together and share lives. In addition to the church service, these can also be everyday activities. You can find an overview of our events and projects for young and old, for families and seniors, for those interested in culture and education on this page.

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