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Augment Risk

Alex Kazanjian, Partner & Managing Director

Suite 1, 7th Floor 50 Broadway

SW1H 0DB London


Մեր մասին

Augment launched in 2023 with over USD 100M+ in capital available from Altamont Capital Partners and a global presence in the US, UK, Bermuda, EU and Cayman. Augment is a global, specialist capital solutions intermediary, designing and placing protections including prospective reinsurance and retrospective capital and legacy structures for P&C clients. Our strategies and solutions focus on maximizing enterprise value by unlocking trapped value or creating new organic value within clearly defined time frames. With an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of Capital Modelling, every aspect of our advice from Assessment to Structuring and Implementation is tailored to your unique requirements. Our expertise and remit are wide and diverse; (re)insurance may be at the foundation of many of our strategies, but it is almost never an exclusive remedy.

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