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BANA Angels

Grigor Hovhannisyan, Director

65/5 Halabyan Street

0078 Yerevan


Մեր մասին

BANA Angels is a network of investors, entrepreneurs and executives from Armenia and abroad interested in making investments in startup companies. In addition to capital, the members bring their expertise, experience and network to influence the success of the startups they invest in. Uniting accomplished business leaders from around the world and connecting them to promising startups, BANA Angels creates value both for investors and entrepreneurs. The investors benefit from opportunities for financial return by getting access to quality deal flow and co-investing with other BANA Angels members whose expertise spans a wide range of fields. BANA Angels is building an ecosystem that facilitates successful investments. We regularly organize workshops for investors to collaborate with their peers and learn from experienced investors from around the world. BANA Angels members get support and access to a range of services to ease the process of investment and portfolio management.

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